spiral flat shade


Lamp shades come in flat sheets, so they're easy to clean and store. With two shade types, KLADIS allows you to change its look whenever you please. The smooth curves of the spiral shade add a delicate touch to any space.

kladis frame
concentric flat shade


For something more contemporary, switch to the concentric shade to add vibrant pops of color. With a clean and simple shape, the bold contrasts will easily modernize your interior palette.

spiral wrap

The shades are attached by a system of magnets. The beauty of it is, with just one lamp base, you can customize your lighting with any shade to match your decor style, any room, anytime.

one lamp, multiple personalities.

Just place the shades into slots on the base's mounting frame, and then just wrap it around until all the magnets click. That's all there is to it.

concentric wrap
spiral ny lamp

this lamp is for everyone.

The assortment of lamp shade designs is what makes KLADIS truly unique. From solid colors to graphic designs and even seasonal prints, you’ll find one for every occasion.

concentric orange lamp
kladis custom lamp

the shade is your canvas

Use your creativity to draw and illustrate on a shade. Just download our free template, create your artwork, and send it back to us so we can put it all together.

for homes and everywhere else

Perfect for any room in a home or any gifting occasion. You have the chance to design a one of a kind lamp: your colors, your words, your pictures, your personality. Check out some customer examples.

for businesses

KLADIS can be used to promote brands and services, or as a display tool at events. It’s easy to place your logo on to a shade. Great for those who continually refresh their interiors, such as the hospitality industry. Learn more about corporate branding.

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